How Lorac Aussies began

Lorac aussies came about as a twist of fate. In 1990, I fell absolutely in love with a beautiful black tri puppy that my employer brought to work on occasion. She brought many of her dogs and puppies in over time as after all, we worked in a groom shop and where better to take ones dogs to get them groomed. But in all the dogs she brought, only 1 was special. Lilly followed me everywhere! It was as if she had chosen me. I adored her and of course each time Lilly came in, she got special attention.
Things changed and Lilly became available. In 1992 Lilly came to live with me, and both of us have been happy since. In 1995 I registered the kennel name of Lorac with the Australian Shepherd Club of America. Breeding wasn't anything new to me as I grew up in a home where my mother raised poodles. I chose to raise aussies and Lilly became the foundation of Lorac Aussies.

I raised 2 litters from Lilly and kept a very nice blue merle bitch who became my first champion. Coco was my introduction into the world of dog shows. I seem to always be doing more research regarding this wonderful breed. I am hooked on showing, but breeding to the standard will always prevail over trendy traits that may be winning at the time. My dogs aren't overly large or carry lots of coat. Nor are they fine boned or short haired. They aren't perfect, but each breeding is chosen with the goal of coming ever closer to my ideal of perfect. I don't breed very often and great care is taken in choosing the breedings that I do breed.

I am a strong supporter of the ASCA Altered program. Having a way to compete in the show ring and not have to deal with hormones is helping many people get into and enjoy showing that would not have otherwise. As a breeder, I like the altered program in that it allows me to see more of what a particular dog has produced. Hopefully, it is a program that is here to stay. It is still young, but the number of people participating in the program is steadily growing. I know that some are concerned about the level of quality, but at least at the shows here in Texas; the judges are always commenting on the great quality of dogs they are seeing in this program.

Feel free to look around at our dogs. Contact us if you are interested in any further information.